The Bonney Group has an experienced management team with a strong strategic focus. This focus along with the diversity of employee knowledge and skills ensures we deliver a reliable, professional approach to managing our contractual obligations while providing exceptional service.

The Executive Leadership Team of the Bonney Group comprises Wayne Bould as Executive Chairman and Managing Director, and Peter Nichols as Group Chief Financial Officer.


Managing Director
Wayne Bould

Chief Financial Officer
Peter Nichols

Chief Operating Officer Fleet & Logistics
Andrew Bugeja

Group Financial Controller
Kiona Wilson

Contract & Operational Compliance Manager
Sarah Ince

Heath & Safety Manager
Karen Ashley

Group Purchasing Officer
Debbie Riley



Sales & Marketing Manager

Ben Fenton

Operations Manager
Roger Scott


Bonney Energy

General Manager Distributor
Tony Winsall

Sales & Marketing Manager
Michael Taylor

Operations Manager
Troy Marshall


Lloyds North

General Manager
Peter Nichols


The Executive Leadership Team of the Bonney Group comprises

  • Wayne Bould as Executive Chairman and Managing Director,
  • Peter Nichols as Group Chief Financial Officer,
  • Andrew Bugeja General Manager Fleet Logistics & Infrastructure,
  • Michael Taylor Sales and Marketing Manager Bonney Energy,
  • Ben Fenton Sales and Marketing Manager Caltas,
  • Grant Bielski Group Retail Operations Manager,
  • Kiona Wilson Group Financial Controller,
  • Tony Winsall Depot Operations & Projects Manager


Wayne Bould (Managing Director, Bonney Group)

Wayne has over 40 years’ practical and managerial experience in the petroleum, forestry and mining sectors. He began his career with Golden Fleece Petroleum in Hobart in 1969, was General Manager LN Petroleum (the original Bonney Group company which became Caltas) from 1981 until 1985, operated his own fuel distributor  business for Shell Australia in Tasmania until 1995, and then partnered with Shell to develop and test Shell’s downstream distribution business models encompassing retail and distributor sales in regional Australia. Wayne was a member of the Australian Petroleum Agents and Distributors Association (APADA) Tasmanian and National boards, and was President of the National Association of Shell Distributors (NASD).

Wayne owned and operated a niche management consulting business which provided specialist, practical assistance to a variety of major businesses in a wide range of sectors across Australia. He then moved into the mining and mineral processing industry from 2004 until 2014, performing various roles with the Newmont Mining Corporation before being appointed as Global Director Business Excellence in 2008. Wayne joined ASX listed Grange Resources Limited as Chief Operating Officer from 2009 until 2013, and was Managing Director from 2013 until 2014.

Wayne and Byron Bonney maintained their relationship over the 30 years. Byron invited Wayne to join his Bonney Group Advisory Board in 2010, appointed him Executive Chairman in 2011, and asked him to assume the role of Managing Director in 2013. Wayne was a Director of all of the Bonney Group companies at various stages between 2010 and 2013.

In addition to his roles with the Bonney Group, Wayne has been CEO of the Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy Council, has been reappointed to the Prime Minister’s Joint Commonwealth Tasmanian Economic Council as a member of the Business Group and is currently President of the Caltex National Distributor Association.

Peter Nichols (Chief Financial Officer, Bonney Group)

Peter has a career extending more than 30 years in a business, finance and management capacity, and during this time has successfully provided his professional expertise and services to a variety of industries including Manufacturing, Dairy, Audit, Transport Logistics & Civil Construction, Energy, Forestry & Mining, and Fuel.

Peter was appointed as Chief Financial Officer to Bonney Group in 2007 to oversee the Group’s financial management, statutory reporting and compliance. Peter is a cornerstone member of the Executive Leadership Team and provides guidance and input to the Group’s development of business strategies, risk management, maintenance of controls and standards, policy and compliance. He provides administrative support to the Senior Management Team, Operations Management Teams and the Board.