Customers today have higher expectations for fuel quality, performance and value and as a customer-driven organisation, Bonney Energy recognises the need to provide products that satisfy consumer expectations.


Vortex petrol is a premium fuel designed to clean your car’s fuel system as you drive. Vortex petrol is available in two grades: Vortex (95 octane) and Vortex 98 (98 octane). Caltex also supplies other fuels including a range of diesel fuels, LPG, E10 ethanol blend, kerosene and heating oils.


The Caltex range of lubricants is led by our flagship petrol engine oils Havoline Fully Synthetic and Havoline Premium Plus and Delo 400 Multigrade for diesel engines. The advanced technology in Caltex Havoline Fully Synthetic and Havoline Premium Plus is specifically designed to cut fuel consumption by reducing engine friction and other power losses.

Crop Protection

Caltex Australia is the world’s leading researcher and manufacturer of petroleum-based spray oils, meeting the needs of the agricultural sector with products of optimum oil type and weight combined with the right blend of emulsifiers and additives.