Fuels and lubricants play a large part in helping engines perform properly and Caltex has formulated its products to ensure that today's engines can achieve optimal efficiency. This translates into better performance and dollars saved for customers.


Vortex petrol is a premium fuel designed to clean your car's fuel system as you drive. Vortex petrol is available in two grades: Vortex (95 octane) and Vortex 98 (98 octane). Caltex also supplies other fuels including a range of diesel fuels, LPG, E10 ethanol blend, kerosene and heating oils.


The Caltex range of lubricants is led by our flagship petrol engine oils Havoline Fully Synthetic and Havoline Premium Plus and Delo 400 Multigrade for diesel engines. The advanced technology in Caltex Havoline Fully Synthetic and Havoline Premium Plus is specifically designed to cut fuel consumption by reducing engine friction and other power losses.

Crop Protection

Caltex Australia is the world's leading researcher and manufacturer of petroleum-based spray oils, meeting the needs of the agricultural sector with products of optimum oil type and weight combined with the right blend of emulsifiers and additives.


Caltex refineries supply propane, butane and automotive LPG in bulk. Autogas is the cleanest, most inexpensive car fuel on the market and is widely acknowledged as a green fuel. Combustion of autogas produces fewer exhaust emissions and increased use of auto gas over other fuels will contribute substantially to the reduction of greenhouse gases.