Lloyds North is proud of its Tasmanian heritage and the relationships built over 30 years with its customers, employees, suppliers and the local community.

As part of the Bonney Group, Lloyds North is backed by one of the largest, privately owned companies in Tasmania. The company has developed capabilities through acquisition and consolidation to be a significant operator in the forestry, mining and logistics sectors, with major blue chip companies benefitting from its tailored contract management solutions.

Lloyds North believes in providing a quality service to its customers with a high priority given to safety and efficiency. To support this vision, Lloyds North has invested in equipment maintenance and systems such as AS4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management and Trucksafe for driver health and training. The company strives to provide the most efficient and cost effective services through the capabilities of its skilled staff, innovative technology and modern, well-maintained equipment.

Truck Safe and QMS Accreditations

Lloyds North Services

Bulk Transport

Bulk Transport and Logistics Services

Providing efficient and reliable solutions for the transport of bulk materials including bulk fuel cartage, stevedoring, ship and rail loading and cargo management. All supported by a modern fleet of high productivity vehicles including B-doubles, semi tippers and rigid truck and trailer combinations.


Forestry Services

Forestry Services

Providing management of all log yard services including waste streams, woodchip cartage, stockpile management and ship loading services. Supported by prime movers, self-unloading chip trailers, excavators and dozers that has enabled it to transport and handle 2.5 million tonnes of forest products annually.


Mining Services

Mining Support Services

Providing practical support services to mining and mineral extraction sectors including project costing and management, road construction and maintenance, stockpile management, crushing/screening plant and mill operation, train loading, rock dump management and tailings management.


Lloyds North shares the values and mission of the Bonney Group and is backed by a skilled team of logistics and management professionals.